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Beneficial Bacteria

Beneficial Bacteria for Ponds / Dry
Beneficial Bacteria for Ponds/DryŚcontains bacteria that is scientificly blended and tested to produce maximum results in ornamental ponds. Keeps your water clear and your fish healthy. Treats up to 104,000 gallons.
1.1 lbs/ $29.98
Beneficial Bacteria for Ponds/Liquid
Scientifically blended and tested to produce maxium results in ornamental pond. Keeps water clear, your fish healthy, and your water beautiful. Treats up to 80,000 gallons.
1.1 gal / $69.98
Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria for Ponds/Liquid
Use in spring and Fall. Specially formulated for colder water. Treats up to 20,000 gallons
33.8 oz. / $39.98

Water Treatments

EcoStarter Plus Liquid
Instantly dechlorinates and ages water to help relieve stress of fish and plants. Use when replacing water for spring clean-out. Treats 4,000 gallons.
8 oz. / $13.98
Safely clears tea-colored pond water by removing dissolved organics from pond water and removes odor. Treats up to 800 gallons.
4 lb / $59.98
EcoRx Pond Salt
Helps maintain fish health after being exposed to stress. Fish will have better gill efficiency and improved oxygen intake.
9 lb / $24. 98

Algae Control

#1 treatment for breaking down algae. Use EcoBlast and follow up with S.A.B. Extreme on a monthly basis to keep your pond clear. Ecobalast can be used year-round because it is not temperature sensitive. Treats up to 200 sq. ft.
38.4 oz. / $32.98
S.A.B. Stream and Pond Clean
formulated to help reduce pond maintenance and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and enzymes. Treats up to 5,600 gallons.
8.8 oz. / $17.98
New EcoBarley Extract
Tap into the natural degrading power of barley to help create a clear, pond.
71 oz. treats up to 71,00 gallons / $49.98
Algae Fix
Helps control and prevent algae problems and kills existing algae. Can be used in ponds with live plants. Great for Pondless Waterfalls.
64 oz (half-gallon) / $51.49
1 Gallon. / $89.98

Pondless Waterfalls

Feature Algae Free
Attacks and prevents algae growth in Pondless Waterfalls safely and effectively. Treats up to 960 gallons. Treats up to 960 gallons.
8 oz. / $9.98

Filter Mats

BioFall Filter Mats
Signature Series / $49.99
Standard / $39.99
MicroFall / $24.99

Skimmer Filter Mats
Signature Series / $32.99
Standard / $21.99


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