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Ponds & Water Features

Maintenance Service

Professional Lawn & Landscape can provide the proper maintenance to keep your water feature looking great year round.   

Spring Clean-Outs for Ecosystem Ponds and Pondless Waterfalls

We will remove leaves and debris that have accumulated over the winter, remove fish, pump out the water, power wash rocks and filters, replace under water light bulbs, re-install pump, re-fill with water, re-introduce your fish and get your waterfalls running again for spring.  This is typically done April to May.

Spring Start-Ups
Re-install pumps for fountains and check for proper function of system.

Fall Service
We can install Pond Netting over ecosystem Ponds and Pondless Waterfalls to reduce the amount of leaves that are getting into the pond or basin.  This will help to keep your water clear and the fish healthy.

Fall Shutdowns for Fountainscapes and Pondless Waterfalls
We will remove pumps and can provide winter pump storage.

Winterization for Ecosystem Ponds
We can prepare your pond for winter by trimming back aquatic plants, removing filter media, removing pump and even providing winter pump storage.  Typically done November through December.



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