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The Aquascape Ecosystem

Ponds are ecosystems in that they play host to a total interrelationship of all organisms in the environment - birds, fish, frogs, plants, and many microscopic organisms. Thus, ponds not only create a natural ecosystem in their defined environment, they also fit into the community or lifecycle of not just one homeowner's backyard, but the entire ecological region. When looking to mimic one of Mother Nature's most beautiful creations, a natural pond, we need only to turn to the ecosystem.

Ecosystem Pond

We specialize in designing and installing custom Aquascape Ecosystems. Ponds, streams and waterfalls are created using quality products from Aquascape Inc. and natural stone to create a beautiful, natural looking water features that are low-maintenance. 

Professional Lawn & Landscape has extensive training and experience installing the Aquascape Ecosystem. We are the largest installer in the area and have installed nearly 75 custom ponds and pondless waterfalls in the Ohio Valley.

Ecosystem ponds can be easy to understand if you have a good grasp of what components go into a basic, functioning ecosystem. An ecosystem pond works with Mother Nature to provide food, shelter, and safety to the wildlife around it. It also provides you with an all-natural, low-maintenance piece of paradise.  Using a mechanical skimmer and Biofalls biofilter will greatly reduce the amount of maintenance necessary for your pond.  Covering the liner with rocks and gravel not only looks natural, but is also a place for beneficial bacteria to colonize and breakdown fish waste and nutrients.  Water plants and fish actually help to reduce maintenance by balancing out the ecosystem.


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