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Pond FAQ’s

Q- How much does a pond Cost?
The cost is typically comparable to the cost of a hot tub. However, there are many factors that can determine the final price outcome, such as: Size, Waterfalls/Streams, Depth, and Location.

Q- Do I have to have Fish in my pond?
Fish are part of the recipe for a naturally balanced, aquatic ecosystem. A pond without fish is kind of like baking bread without the yeast. It just doesn’t work nearly as well. Not only that, but once you get used to watching them glide gracefully around your pond and you realize how little work is involved in fish keeping you, like most people, will get past the apprehension and be glad that you have fish in your pond.

Q- How will my fish survive the winter?
Just like regular garden plants, some aquatics are cold hardy and can be expected to survive the winter. Annuals (also known as tropical’s) will need to be replanted each season unless you pull them out of the pond and store them in a warm place.

Q- Is it normal to see increased wildlife when you put a pond in the backyard?
Yes. Creating an aquatic ecosystem invites the neighborhood wildlife. These critters will range from squirrels and birds, toads, frogs, and dragonflies and are usually a great joy to watch. It is all part of the hobby of pond keeping.

Q- Should I expect my pond to be totally algae-free?
Algae are part of Nature and you should expect it to be part of your pond – to a small degree. What you don’t want is for algae to take over your pond. Creating a natural ecosystem utilizing desirable plants will help keep the algae at a tolerable level. Excessive amounts of algae are typically found when the natural ecosystem is out of balance.

Q- Does the pond need to be drained frequently?
No, the only time it is necessary to drain your pond is during a clean-out, usually in the spring. You see, cleaning out a pond destroys most of the beneficial aerobic bacteria that your balanced aquatic ecosystem depends on. So save your cleanouts for once a year in the springtime, and eliminate headaches and unnecessary cost.

Q- Will my pond attract/breed mosquitoes?
A properly-designed pond will not attract mosquitoes, as mosquitoes prefer stagnant water to produce their offspring. Most backyard-ponds have constantly moving water, between the skimmer and the waterfalls/streams. Additionally, any mosquito larvae that manage to hatch will either be sucked into the skimmer or eaten by the fish.

Q- How much electricity does a pond use?
This depends on the size pump used and the cost of electricity in your area. A high-efficiency pump, producing 3000 gallons per hour will cost $14 per month on average. Smaller (high-efficiency) pumps will cost less and larger or non-efficiency pumps will cost more.



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